Business Websites With a Minimum of Fuss


MFMAW provide Fully Managed, Self Managed and intermediary Web Hosting services in Australia, the wider Asia Pacific region and a variety of USA based regions.

We provide a full range of hosting packages and can customise any package to render the exact level of service required with your budget scope. We 'will' bend over backwards to mould a package that's just right for you.

Business level packages include full-backup services which include daily database backups and scheduled account backups. While our primary hosting service focus is designed to cater for Business Class customers, we also have packages suitable for private users whom require just that 'little bit extra', personalised service which you can't seem to get from corporate hosting providers.

If your service requires the use of Microsoft Web Infrastructure we can also cater for your server needs. Dedicated MS Servers and frontpage extensions.


  • Basics

    Overview of included options provided with different hosting accounts

  • Fully Managed AWS Services

    We look after the management of everything required to keep your account running including EC2, RDS and S3 Buckets

  • Fully Managed CPanel Services

    All facets of your Cpanel are managed by us including all Email account management

  • SSL Certification Services

    All of our CPanel based hosting services come with Free SSL setup (conditions apply). No need to worry about insecure logins, ever!

  • MySQL or MongoDB database consoles

    For all Business-Class accounts, if your services require either MySQL or MongoDB databases we will provide a web-based management console as part of your service at no extra cost. We create your DataBase instances and configure user credentials where they are required

  • Optional Extras

    Overview of optional services available across most hosting account types

  • 24/7 Support packages

    Businesses may apply for extended support packages which go above and beyond the stadard level of support offered with all of our subscription services

  • Unlimited email accounts

    If your 'email account' requirement extend beyond the standard package allowances, MFMAW can taylor an Email package up tp 1000 dedicated email addresses

  • Unlimited files storage

    Need some extra roon for your Video-Server project. Thats not a probelem. We already have our WHM Servers setup to handle video file recoding requiremnets

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage

    Planning on building a website that going to get lots of traffic? We can arrange larger chunks of throughput on demand, whether it's megabytes or terrabytes per month, we can cater for you traffic needs. Larger trafic requirements are usually best suited to a Dedicated Server or AWS style of package


All of our Business packages com with a 'free' Dot.Com or similar domain registration & setup under the condition that the domain must be pointed to a service hosted by us and must be available for registration and 'free' does not include the purchasing of any existing domain names from other vendors or domain parking services.

We will also transfer your exsiting domain (free of charge) to our DNS management system if you are subscribing to one of our hosting services.

MFMAW also provide straight-up domain services, and currently our Dot.Com domain registration is only AU$40 for the first (initia) registration which includes an administration-fee and also includes setting of of your DNS records so that your domain can be put straight to work. Currently our doamin renewal charges are AU$25 per Dot.Com domain. Please note: some types of domains have higher registration and renewal costs associated with their usage.


  • Domain Service Standard Inclusions

    Automatic billing and renewal service. With us, your domains names will never expire due to a forgotten payment. All domains are 21-day invoice after renewal payments are completed

  • Initial DNS setup includes creation of the minimum set of A and MX records needed to provision services for your domains web and email services

  • Up to 12 free adjustment during the course of a year, should things change

  • CNAME records, redirections, masking, automatic sub-domains, and, you can even manage your own DNS if you so desire

  • Domain parking, domain registra information updates (fees may apply), domain transfers to MFMAW. We can assist you with virtually any Doamin and DNS requirement.

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